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Battlefield is back..

DICE has dusted off the Battlefield series with their next release, Battlefield V. It's been 18 months since a Battlefield release. DICE presented a "Battlefield V Reveal" earlier today where they start talking up the game and what to expect. You can see the whole presentation in the link below.

In summary, BFV is returning to WWII but as Lars Gustavsson has put it, they want a fresh new look at it. Watching the video, you can see that they specifically styled the world environment to be more colourful and beautiful than your standard shooter which have always tended to be "brown".

They have overhauled the movement system and higher definition destructible environments. They're also making the environment more realistic by allowing you to shoot through obstacles that hide your opposition. Your favourite game modes are back, conquest and operations they called "grand operations". And yes, they've got a single player campaign that combines multiple game modes across the story line. A new player mode "airborne" which sounds very much like a classic PUBG Battle Royale mode. There is a new co-op mode called "combined arms" which is a drop behind the lines and scrounge for resources to accomplish your mission. Stealth sounds like it will be an important aspect of this mode.

War stories is another aspect where you can see and experience less well known stories of WWII.

Vehicles & Weapons

WWII saw an explosion of weapon types in mass warefare and DICE has reflected this in the range and use of weapons in BFV. They talk about the German Tiger 1 Tank.


They mention that you can fortify your position and use respective weapons relevant to that fortification which seems to legitimise "camping". You should also be able to rebuild your fortification when they get destroyed.


A new concept that seems to apply to multiplayer mode. A company is a series of customised squad configurations that your friends can join your squad .. I mean company and play as.

Pay to Win is dead

The game directors have specifically said there will not be a "pay-to-win" model or premium pass or dlc for new maps.

You can play American, German and British sides.

Tides of War

Seems to be a long play story mode for a "Company".

Without further ado here is DICE's Battlefield V "reveal" from London, hosted by Trevor Noah. [DICE Reveal Link. Video starts at reveal episode]

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