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Wow! We're going back..Going back to WoW ?

If like me, you were a WoW purist, and loved the original World of Warcraft only to rage quit after the Cataclysm expansion dropped, when Blizzard completely re-engineered the specialisations and maps. You spent upwards of 800 hours building up your favourite character to something mighty and fearsome you just hit a wall deciding that the new changes violated your D&D roots.

Well that nostalgic feeling of the original WoW, will be coming back. Blizzard has finally acknowledged that many players want to return to it, and have announced the upcoming vanilla servers. I think it's more because they lost a lot of players after their disastrous release in 2015 for Warlords of Draenor (WOD), Subscriptions have fallen to pre-Burning Crusades levels and Blizzard are looking to recover subscriptions.

Allen Brack's, Blizzard executive producer, started his presentation with a quip, "I want to talk about ice cream, I understand that for some of you, your favorite flavor is vanilla.". The crowd started to go wild as he proceeded to announce the introduction of "World of Warcraft Classic".

No further information about dates, features, or pricing. So we'll have to wait for followup to know when we can get into our original obsession. In the meantime, they produced this little video short.. not much to go on, but hopefully we'll hear more in the next few months

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