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Elite Dangerous Lands on PS4

Since Elite Dangerous (ED) arrived on our tricked-out PC's 2 years ago, the devs at Frontier have been working on expanding the game as well as the number of platforms you can search the galaxy from. Starting with Xbone in 2016, they've finally come to Playstation in July. And it's effectively the same experience as you had on PC.

The initial release on PS4 had a number of issues which appear to be largely resolved since a large patch (2.5gb) released in late July. If you've been thinking about playing ED, but haven't because you may be time-poor, the console offers a more convenient way to get in and out in short sessions.

The graphics are superb and sound quality greatly adds to the immersive experience. The only drawback for new players is the complexity of the controls needed to convert the game for console. Frontier have acknowledged this by providing a set of training tutorials, and also an in-game help window that pops up with a display of controller commands if you long-press the console button. Each button (O/X/TRI/SQ) has a different configuration, so I found that to be a great reference.

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