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Star Wars Battlefront II at Gamescon

(image source EA Battlefront/DICE 2017)

DICE, the makers of the Battlefront franchise, will be showing off their their latest update for the next release of Battlefront (BF2) with a gameplay "reveal" covering space battles at Gamescom next Tuesday August 22 at 3:30am AEST. I'm sure you'll all stay up for that. If not, we'll link it here for you on Tuesday, August 22 in the reasonable-AM.

One of the complaints from fans about the first instalment was the lack of star fighter combat scenarios and maps. Well, DICE (and Disney) have heard you.

As per EA's blog post..

"Teams will face off in a swirling dogfight in the Fondor: Imperial Shipyard map, weaving around an Imperial Star Destroyer complete with speedy fighters, thundering bombers, distinct hero ships, and more. Will the brave pilots of the Rebel Alliance triumph against the Imperial Navy, or will the intrepid aces of the Galactic Empire foil the insurgents’ plans? "

The livestream will be your first glimpse at the vastly improved dogfighting combat, with superior controls, deeper customization, and role-based team play featuring an all new class-based system.

In the meantime here is their latest in-game trailer.

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